By: Nancy Coblenz

Our last minute holiday must have is PiperWai!

It is an ethically made charcoal based antiperspirant/deodorant. And no, you’re not going to smell like trees or the other hippy brands that fall short in actually combating your sweat. PiperWai infuses essential oils to ensure a pleasant scent for men and women.

Millennials have demanded alternatives to typical deodorants which are  jam packed with aluminum, silicones, phthalates and parabens. These ingredients increase your estrogen production (men too) and can have dire consequences, like breast cancer.  Fortunately, millennials are more aware of this, and have created a huge demand for alternatives, creating a critical need for natural deodorants.

That’s where Sarah Ribner and Jess Edelstein first made a splash with their much needed product on Shark Tank. They pitched PiperWai and landed one of the sharks, BUT what you don’t know, is that they are self funded until today. HOW is that possible? Well, interestingly enough, the majority of deals struck on the carpet in the ABC studio do not make it through the final contract negotiations. Sarah and Jess smartly backed away and went all in, all by themselves… truly rebels!

In anticipation of their episode airing, Sarah and Jess increased their production of what they thought would be impossible to sell out. The week the episode aired, they received orders of over 120,000 jars! They were not prepared for the rocket ship success, and went to work immediately. With such viral success, both founders quickly learned the necessity of efficient supply chain processes, and satisfying their customers, with quick shipping times and full product fulfillment.

Through the years, they have grown to a team of nine, and expanded their supply chain to handle the consistent demand for PiperWai, now that they are offered through hundreds of natural online retailers and storefronts across the nation.

Today, they have offices in Philadelphia and New York City, killing it as huge successes despite the lack of funding from Shark Tank. The biggest goal for 2018 for Sarah and Jess is to diversify, and develop active marketing campaigns to educate more people of the necessity of natural deodorants, especially charcoal based.

As our last minute holiday must have pick, we recommend the holiday gift set that includes a jar, stick and two travel jars for your parents, significant others, besties and even your boss. Give the gift of healthy pits!

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