Written By: Nancy Coblenz
Photos By: Michael Schulze

Kicking off our Holiday Rebel or Role Model gift guide is our first #certifiedrebel, Vivienne Vermuth of, The Nearly Naked Nutcracker. Performing its seventh season, this highly anticipated and consistently sold out burlesque interpretation of The Nutcracker.

Director and creator, Vivienne Vermuth brought her vision to life with theatrical entertainment, bold ensembles and embracing the art of sensuality, “I create a rollercoaster ride in 2 hours…it’s magic, you get to escape for a couple of hours,” says Vivienne, explaining why they sell out each year.

Her journey didn’t start with endless glitter though, Vivienne performed as a ballet dancer, abiding by a strict regimen, until her body naturally grew in all the right places, rendering her unable to be chosen for coveted roles on stage. Years, passed, and she immersed herself into the art of makeup, growing into a business where she is now one of the most sought after makeup artists in Dallas.

Then she developed Vivienne, which is her stage name, but as she even points out, “even my mom calls me by that name.” It started as her alter ego, that would come play at night, as she performed burlesque pieces, but as her confidence grew, so did the desire to be Vivienne all day, every day. This is where the Nearly Naked Nutcracker came to life. “So many people feel shame sexually toward their bodies, and I want to combat that feeling,” Vivienne mentions, as she describes how her personal evolution inspired the production, music, dances and ensembles.

She goes on to proclaim, “I knew how I wanted to make people feel- energized, excited, happy and to look in the mirror and say, I feel good about myself.” The biggest feeling of gratitude she gets is from audience members who celebrate the message of body positivity laced with sensuality. The production consists of so many intricate pieces of contributors, performers and production hands, lending to this over the top experience, that grabs you the second you take your seat.

We’re thrilled to feature Vivienne and her Nearly Naked Nutcracker as our first  #certifedrebel Holiday Must-Have!

To snag your tickets before they sell out, go to http://www.nearlynakednutcracker.com/

And be sure to follow all Vivienne’s saucy daily life on Instagram @vforvermuth

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