By: Vanessa Alvarado

Pucker up Ladies!

Tyzza Macias, the founder and chief executive officer of FactoryGlam, has transitioned from building private indie label cosmetics to now offering lipsticks and lipkits of her own. Not only does this line offer a range of lip products that are highly pigmented and makes high quality a must but, they also put healthy lips first. Her success is not only a result of the creation of products that would make any makeup lover fawn over, but it’s also combination of Macias’ admirable determination and drive.

The story leading up to how Macias got to owning her own makeup line is one that will inspire many and move most people. After she decided that her studies at her university weren’t what would lead her to fulfilling her dreams, Macias had the guts to embrace her conviction and put herself first to pursue her passion. Although she didn’t know she wanted to pursue a makeup line from the get-go, she did acknowledge her strong drive and motivation towards working in the makeup realm. In order to launch her career forward, Macias decided to join Beauty School. By signing up, Macias got to work, engaging and networking with people in an industry that she genuinely loves and has an interest for; a combination that breeds for success. This allowed for her to climb the corporate ladder where she eventually worked for the largest cosmetic brands such as L’Oréal and its subsidiaries as a product developer.

Even though Macias was as successful as any person in her industry could only dream of being to give input towards the most popular makeup brands worldwide and working closely with their owners, Macias always kept herself humble. She kept close contact with everyone who worked behind the scenes, such as the manufacturers and chemists, to ensure that everything ran smoothly. She ensured that everyone who took part in making a product came together and felt united under the same roof. Due to her attentiveness towards the company team as a whole, she was able to make even stronger connections than ever. By becoming close-knitted to the manufacturers who made the products themselves, she had people on her side whom she already worked with closely and could rely on. Macia claims this was a huge contributor to her success, because when she had a vision to create a makeup line for herself, she knew she had a team to back her ideas and support her. Having a strong support system in addition to her experience through which she gained inside knowledge to quality cosmetics, Macias had the very foundation she needed to launch start her own line.

Fast-forward to a couple years, and now Tyzza Macias is celebrating her company’s 5th year anniversary. FactoryGlam now has fully launched, offering lipsticks that add a pop of color to your look while adding moisture, feeling like you’re only gliding on some lip balm. The rich Vitamin C in her Cream, Matte and Satin formulas make for the most comfortable wear and

endless way to create and modify your getup. Not only that, but their collection also features a lip treatment unlike other lipstick brands.

In its entirety, the path that took Macias to success was not easy, but it is certainly one for the books. Through hard work, perseverance, and drive, she was able to turn her corporate dreams into real life. What sets her apart, however, is that her work was all propelled by her true passion; letting her creative side flow through makeup and cosmetics. Macias teaches us that we shouldn’t put what motivates us in the back burner while pursuing jobs that will leave us unfulfilled, but rather work on turning our hobbies into full blown careers. Talk has proven to be cheap, but this Certified Rebel has lead by example by taking her dreams into her own hands and turning them into reality.

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