Getting Real with TV Personality Hilary Kennedy

by Rebel Role Model

Hilary Kennedy is a successful TV personality and host that has made long standing career in the most competitive space- television. You learn about her pathway to uncovering stellar TV spots, and some hidden gifts of hers, that has given her the motivation to score epic gigs.

She came into the morning show scene by way of acting, which is a bit different than the broadcast journalists. Her subject of choice is lifestyle, and news. And she has endless energy and positivity to go around for everyone. You’ll get insight to what it’s really like hosting a morning show everyday year after year, and cool opportunities she has gotten as a freelance host as well. She currently hosts the “4 Minute Buzz” on the morning show of The Blaze.

She also has a fashion/lifestyle blog that makes you want everything she wears. But the best part are her jokes! Totally not joking, she is HI-Larious! Check out her blog at

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