Written By: Victoria Domingues

Irene Martino and Robyn Grant created a platform that allows for fashion, beauty, and style enthusiasts alike to make their online connections become a reality.

In Southern California, Martino and Grant quickly found out that they would become optimal business partners soon after meeting each other for the first time. Being interested in how social media affected retail and commerce, the thought of meshing it all together into a business made total sense to them.

The creation of StyleCon soon happened when, after reflecting on all the other “Cons” in the industry such as the famous BeautyCon, the two decided to similarly bring together influencers and brands but to a much broader spectrum. They realized that millennials are now shopping from their bedrooms, styling through their laptops, and learning through YouTube videos made by digital influencers. Girls would now shop for a specific shade of lipstick because a certain YouTuber they look up to and admire wears the exact same one. Influencers have been addressed correctly in terms of how they’ve been labeled, as they truly are the new influence behind many purchasing decisions and the fuel for many buyers.

As the founders of StyleCon, Martino and Grant saw how powerful this new movement was and figured out a way to bring together the creative entities to interact. Their whole purpose is for people to be able to network, in the real world, with influencers and brands. Thanks to this, many collaborations have been made possible by linking people together in the fashion, beauty, and style industries that saw eye-to-eye. In many of these instances, people have been meeting with influencers that they would regularly follow online and thanks to the platform they created, they have expanded that virtual connection into real life.

Their event locations, Orange County and Dallas, were chosen all because they wanted to, again, make space for a broader audience. To them, Los Angeles is oversaturated. However, Orange County is their hidden gem that weaves together the availability for both high fashion and regular, every-day brands. This then caters to many different tastes and a wider variety of people. Dallas is viewed similarly, as the founders consider the ever-growing city to be full of women that are up and coming in the fashion and beauty industries. They believe Los Angeles and New York have taken it all when it comes to this realm, and have decided to expand this craze down to the south in order to expand opportunities. In their eyes, Dallas, or “Big Beauty,” has a lot of potential and wide room to grow.

Creating a platform that directly connects everyday people to digital influencers and brands is something that will leave an impact. Martino and Grant believe that maintaining authenticity as they grow is an essential step for success, so the platform is as organic as possible for both the creators and the audience. For them, StyleCon is a place for people to gain experience and exposure all while cultivating everything beauty, fashion, and style related.

Now, it is up to you to decide if you’d like to bring your online connections to life.

The Next StyleCon Session will be held November 4th in Orange County, California. Visit their website for more details, at stylecon.com.