Written by: Claudia Kwee


Six years ago, back in 2011, Andre Angel visited a food charity for his first time. This charity was less than 2 miles away from home, and he had never gone. That day, he witnessed everyday Americans struggling to make ends meet. There were families waiting to collect their food for their next meal in line, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Food insecurity is such a vast problem, and around 50 million Americans struggle with it each day. But what exactly is food insecurity though? Food insecurity is when a person struggles every day to find their next meal. With such a huge problem, it’s intimidating to try to solve it. Hunger is such a widespread concern that effects all aspects of life. From malnutrition, reduced growth and cognitive ability all the way to disease and death, there needs to be someone who tries to solve this issue. Accordingly, with Andre’s founding of TangoTab, they have worked every week since 2011 to serve over 1 billion meals at restaurants all over America. From Dallas to NYC to San Diego, TangoTab is working to get in every city possible, and to this day, over 1,965,638 meals have been provided.

More than this, TangoTab, had launched a community event called Feed The City event back in January 2015. This Dallas event brought together people everywhere to help feed anyone who needed it. This lead event started as a sandwich making occasion. Today, the event has grown into numerous cities and expanded significantly. Now, there are pop-up Feed The City breakfast versions that make breakfast foods and partners with schools, churches, corporations, and more. All they ask for is to bring an equal amount of bread, meat, and cheese if anyone wants to participate! To this day, there have been over 700,000 meals made and served through the Feed The City events.

There is so much one can do to help out those around them. Andre Angel didn’t realize it til later on, but as soon as he did, he worked to create an organization that would help around 50 million Americans. Not everyone has the blessing of waking up and knowing what they are going to eat that day, but you don’t have to create a business just to help others. Join in on the help and help serve those who cannot afford more. Look on http://tangotab.com/feedthecity/ to see how you can get involved today!