Written by: Camille Buensuceso

Thursday, May 18, 2017 – Polished, held a fashion show at Belk in the stunning Galleria Dallas. The fashion show boasted The Bachelor’s Catherine Lowe as emcee, and five gorgeous models, including The Real Housewives of Dallas Tiffany Hendra, walking the runway. Subsequently, the models held a meet and greet where attendees may converse and network with the models and each other as well as purchase the looks at a discounted price. 

Tiffany wrote a blog post about her experience at the Polished fashion show on her blog (sanctuaryofstyle.net). She discussed the importance of Polished to her and being surrounded by women who have similar interests and goals as well as similar spiritual beliefs. Polished, founded by Kat Armstrong and Stephanie Giddens caters to women in the professional world who are creating a work-life-faith balance. Polished seeks to show professional women that faith does not have to be left behind while they are reaching their professional dreams.

Presently, Polished is in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston areas. Every month, Polished holds luncheons in each city. These luncheons give the women of Polished toconnect with each other and help each other in keeping their faith alive even with the demand of their professional lives.

Polished also has podcasts featured on the website where Polished women “refine the details” and discuss how they try to keep a balance between their professional life and their faith. These inspiring podcasts are available on their website and iTunes for women in the professional world who want to hear the stories of women like them.

Learn more about Polished and their events here: www.polishedonline.org