Written By: Claudia Kwee


Do you know the solution to any beauty equation? If not, FACTORY GLAM has got your back because according to them, Quality + Innovation is all you need. FACTORY GLAM is a prominent cosmetic company that carries an intriguing mix of skin care and make up products. Founded and established back in 2013, they have only been growing since then. An American private owned company, it was founded by beauty professionals and product creators.

Through selling colored make up and skin care products, FACTORY GLAM has made it their goal to be ahead of the game and mesmerizing customers with their new and unique trends and technologies for cosmetics. They aim to formulate and deliver a niche range of beauty products for every person. With integrity and trust being their two key goals, FACTORY GLAM encourages their customers to realize that beauty should be celebrated.

Everyday is a new day, and at FACTORY GLAM, being able to live life fully and wholeheartedly while enjoying the innovation that comes with cosmetics is important. That’s why, they work to cater to each person – whether in person or in their showroom. Their showroom is essentially a tangible shopping experience with beauty experts from all over. Customers can physically touch and purchase the formulas and experience the new products first hand. FACTORY GLAM encourages their visitors to try as many products as they need. Consumers can choose from a variety of collections and products and their beauty professionals are their to help with the experience. Any questions you might have, they’ll be able to answer it. Ultimately, your experience is of utmost importance at FACTORY GLAM!

Want to know more information about Factory Glam? Check them out at http://www.factoryglam.com!