Written By: Claudia Kwee


Have you ever seen an organic, cold-pressed, made-to-order drink brought straight to your doorstep? Probably not, but since it’s making in 2014, I Am the Juice Place has been serving drinks to your door with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. From juices to teas to pastries, you can order any drink you’d like, specifically made to your taste. Plus, it’s made with love and passion, so there’s really not much more you can ask for!

This passion all began with Ana Jones and her upbringing in Mexico. Ana’s culture and passion for health drove her to spend years studying and looking at different nutritional ideas, but this all started because she had grown up drinking juices as a child. Through her experience and studies, she realized that cravings are what affected what she ate and drank on a daily basis, and so she thought that maybe creating juices would help anyone and everyone’s diet.

Ana is driven by her mission to help others realize that the way to live healthy happy lives is to change their perspectives and thoughts with healthy food. She realizes that healthy thoughts and healthy foods equal a healthy person. Having a positive perspective will help fuel anyone’s life, and Ana works to create awareness about that very fact.

The juice is made right in front of your eyes, so you can every bit that goes into your body. More than the juice itself, you can enjoy a nice ambience with board games, books, coloring pages, and more. It’s honestly such a great place to unwind and just relax after a long week of work and school. Plus, Ana is working full time at the store, so if you ever want to see the genius who started I

Am the Juice Place, you can!

And just remember, good things come to those who wait. It’s all good, it’s all made with love, and it’s all waiting just for you.