Written and Photos By: Nancy Coblenz


This year, Dallas hosted the Indie Beauty Expo in the newly minted Tesla Motors showroom and service center. IBE 2017 featured classes, workshops and a full scale expo with indie beauty brands from local darlings to world renowned brands. This was the place to be, if you were an influencer, blogger, beauty and/or fashion expert.

The most applicable workshop, “Beauty Swaps” delved into the topic of natural/sustainable swaps of beauty products from chemical laden cosmetics. The panel of speakers were all beauty influencers that sampled a plethora of cosmetics throughout their branding partnerships. Surprisingly, each panelist listed multiple indie brands that were truly viable alternatives to the mainstream cosmetics that are typically used.

The advice centered upon educating the audience members of what is considered safe, healthy, sustainable cosmetics, as opposed to marketing terms that can trick a buyer into thinking a chemical laden cosmetic, may seem to be the former. From hair product to safe and effective self tanner, the panelists left no stone unturned.

Audience members did not shy from asking questions particular to their needs, like a woman who specifically asked for a daily facial moisturizer with SPF for use on an oily face. One of the panelists spoke up and described that her “trouble area” is her oily face as well, and offered a few of her daily moisturizers.

The most noteworthy panelist was Christian Craven, a male beauty and fashion influencer that accounted for the voice of the men in the room. From organic beard oils, to maintaining your eyebrows, Christian brought a well educated male perspective upon the indie beauty market.

Within the expo space, free appetizers and drinks were a plenty, encouraging attendees to mingle and learn more about the exhibiting indie brands. The longest line came from a florist who offered free flower crowns, which resulted  into a sea of flower children sipping on their mango vodka sorbets.

After commiserating with most of the indie brand exhibitors, a new found respect was made for their passion and eagerness to push the cosmetic industry into a safer, more sustainable direction.  From eye shadows to antiperspirants, it matters what you put on your body, as the skin is your largest organ and absorbs many of the ingredients, which can lend to health issues in the future.

We are on the precipice of making major changes within the beauty industry, as the demand for safer, more sustainable options are growing. As more and more data yields to dyer effects of using chemical-laden beauty products, the more educated mass consumers have become.

But, quite honestly, a beauty brand is only considered “indie” so long as they are not bought out by the major cosmetic behemoths.  That is where the proof is in the pudding for truly standing behind this movement, and not swaying to the temptations.