Written By: Nancy Coblenz


Worldwide fans of Moto Grand Prix descend upon Austin, Texas, craving to cheer on their lifelong motorcycle idols whilst devouring hearty barbeque brisket. Since 2013, Circuit of the Americas hosts the Moto Grand Prix Championship series race, attracting the largest crowd of any motorcycle event in the US, with expectations of even more, coming this April 21st through 23rd

Moto GP, as commonly referred to, is the single most popular sport, other than soccer, that unifies fans across the globe. The racers, like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo are considered international idols, and have a fan base that reaches in the hundreds of millions. The US had an idol of its own, Nicky Haden, winning the ultimate championship in 2006.

The super-fans comprise of travelers from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Russia, United Arab Emirates,  Singapore, and of course every type of proud American you can imagine. While trekking through the compound of Circuit of the Americas, attendees are introduced to the varying European fashions, languages, crowd chants and cheers. Just for one weekend, every fan, no matter their nationality, become unified by their love of motorcycle racing. 

To most, this sport is insanity; but to MotoGP fans, this is a beautiful result of calculated risk. The actual moment these bikes line up to race, is the crescendo to a harmonious symphony, where hundreds of hours building, breaking, testing and perfecting comes down to this very moment. Each racer pushes their trusty steed to perform unimaginable feats where the top speed throughout the course runs at 215 mph. The bikes roar on, deafening the onlookers with a cacophony of raw engine shooting power through the exhaust, creating tremors along the track. These racers turn into international idols the moment they lay the bike completely parallel to the ground, scraping their elbows among corners, then gracefully popping up, transitioning into lightning speeds.

Circuit of the Americas has begun hosting MotoGP since 2013, slowly integrating international fashion, style, and refined taste into the American racing culture. The artistry that comes along with the bond between a sport bike and its rider is unparalleled to any other, as I have traversed thousands of miles with both my Harley Davidson Sportster and Suzuki GSX R-600. There is no other experience like negotiating with mother nature through canyons, deserts, plains and mountains; yet a smile is always plastered to my face, loving the sun kissed cheeks, wispy hair and rumbling road beneath my feet. All riders share these sentiments. And so, those who make the trek to Austin, Texas this April 21st through 23rd will partake in sharing a unified passion for raw power, sleek style, nimble tricks and poised performances…all on two wheels.