Written By: Claudia Kwee

Last month, the first annual “Race to the Altar” took place at Hickory Street Annex on April 30th, from 2:00pm-7:00pm. This event was open to anyone and everyone who wanted to be a contestant in winning their dream wedding. From first place to third place, a bride-to-be could win prizes such as a Dress My Way $3,000 Custom Wedding Dress, a Love Story Film by Garcia Bros Films ($1,250 value), an Engagement Shoot by Love Pic Love ($350 value), or more.

This event was only made possible through the work of Praulia and Kwest. Praulia is essentially a service provided to brides and vendors by matching them together through various questionnaires to provide the best affordable and time-worthy assistance. On the other hand, Kwest is known to launch users into digital and interactive adventures through the use of a mobile platform. These two organizations worked hand in hand to create a unique digital scavenger hunt for every couple that joined.

From 2:00pm to 7:00pm, the event was jam packed with exciting aspects. Starting with the check in, Cocktail Party, and Groom’s Lounge, to the Kwest Digital Challenge, to the Reception Party, and finally the Winners of the Hunt, every hour was planned to the T by Praulia and Kwest.

Everything blurred by as it all happened in one short afternoon. All the contestants only had one afternoon to finish the experience, and so, every bride-to-be was rushing down the streets of Deep Ellum to win the Grand Prize. Throughout the event, each bride-to-be would be greeted by Praulia vendors and giveaways all through the city. Excitement was bubbling in the air as every giddy bride-to-be focused all their power on the prize.

Even though this event seems catered to just the bride-to-be’s, it was quite the contrary. Even guys would go for the event with the opening of the Groom’s Lounge, where vendors would cater to each of their low-maintenance needs. From Joy Macarons, to Love Pic Love, to Easy Slider Restaurant, and even Steel City Pops, every person had something designated for them. These vendors graciously provided giveaways and freebies for everyone involved.

Finally, the Reception Party was definitely something to behold with so many vendors, drinks, food, music, and more. Sure, this party had the typical facets of food and drinks, but what made it so special was the henna, mini makeovers, lipstick bar, and more for each and every bride-to-be. There was so much encompassed in a simple 5 hour event, and it turned to be a successful first annual “Race to the Altar.”