Written By: Claudia Kwee

Being the daughter of two business owners, Jessica Vittorio knew the meaning and the work it would take to start one up herself. Nevertheless, years later, she has managed to succeed beyond measure as an entrepreneur and an attorney. Past that, she knew the legal complications of starting smaller businesses, and so she focused her work on that aspect. Earning the title of Managing Attorney at The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio, PLLC, she started the office to deliver excellent legal services to small business vendors throughout all of Texas.

The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio, PLLC is essentially a law firm that focuses on the issues that are uniquely placed on small businesses in Texas. Regardless of what “industry, size, or Texas city [one’s] business is in,” the Law Office explains that they can help anyone find exactly what they need to do to be secure in their legal concerns. Their practice areas range from entity formation, contracts, agreements, advice, wills, mediation and litigation, and more. There is honestly an area and practice for every business at Jessica Vittorio’s law office.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, she already knew what her passion was. From Southwestern University to Baylor Law School, she finally decided to more to Washington D.C. to serve the United States as a Chief Legislative Counsel. Her passion continued to focus on the private law industry, so she made her way back to Texas after working with the United States Congress.

Realizing and believing that small business owners shouldn’t have to work through the legalities of their work on their own, she aims to help lead any and every small vendor reach their full potential. Therefore, Jessica Vittorio founded her office on that principle, as well. From business law, wills and estate planning, and other legal proceedings, The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio, PLLC intends to help all small business reach their aspirations. All in all, past her work and success as an entrepreneur, Jessica Vittorio’s experience has influenced so many others to work towards their goals, and her friendly and personable character is bound to draw all to her and her work.