Written By: Camille Buensuceso

Lifestyle television shows such as Good Morning Texas start off Texans’ busy days.
Recently, Good Morning Texas brought on past “San Antonio Living” host, Alanna Sarabia to
join the show. She has been there for about a year now and Rebel Role Model was given the
chance to see Alanna in action live as well as interview her and learn about the journey that has
taken her to where she is now.
Alanna has been in the industry for six years. She pursued her studies at Texas State
University. One of the lucky ones, she knew from the beginning that she wanted to be on
television and her journey began to take flight when NBC San Antonio picked her up for
broadcast. During her years there she worked with NBC as well as the Fox and CW affiliate.

When Dallas reached out to her, she knew that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.
Having her break early on, Alanna was an expert when it came to live television, however
moving to Dallas, she learned new skills and adapted to her new environment. A major skill she
recently learned was how to read the prompter. Live television is prone to mistakes and Alanna
has mastered the art of ad-libbing and says that one of the key factors is to keep the atmosphere
light and always have a sense of humor.

Not only a host of Good Morning Texas but Alanna is also a producer. She incorporates
her ideas and stories into the show. She prepares for the show a day before, going over each story
thoroughly in order for her to deliver well the following day.

Alanna says her success in gaining the opportunity in Dallas was attributed highly to
timing. Timing has been a recurring theme in her life whether it be the right time or wrong time
to do something, she has come across opportunities that gave her the unique experiences she has.

Despite her successful journey through college and earning her degree, she believes that
not everyone needs a college degree. Every person has unique circumstances and she encourages
young kids to follow their dreams and push through whatever obstacles life might throw in.
Rejection is a part of life and she advises dreamers to use the hurt to propel themselves forward.

To hear more about her story, you may listen to Rebel Role Model’s podcast featuring
Alanna here: https://www.rebelrolemodel.com/?p=238&preview=true

Good Morning Texas airs weekdays from 9-10 AM on WFAA.