Written By: Claudia Kwee

From April 1st to April 7th, the week is packed with any and every entrepreneur in Dallas and more. Starting with registration on the 1st, everything goes does on the 3rd with mentor sessions, advice, and stories from those who have succeeded and failed. Everything starts at Chase Basecamp, located in downtown Dallas. With panelists, speakers, and experiences just waiting, Chase Basecamp brings these opportunities right to anyone’s doorstep. Even more, their happy hour events just brings the crowds running to their food companies and more. This free, five day celebration of entrepreneurship and business helps bring any community together towards creating.

This past event, the Chase Basecamp was located at the D Magazine building, right on Ross. All anyone had to do to attend was sign up and figure out which sessions they wanted to attend! Trey Bowles, CEO of the Dallas Entrepreneurship Center, kicked off the event by giving a quick introduction of what Chase Basecamp was and what everyone could take from it. From tips like “don’t ignore your junk mail” to even more, there were so many new things for attendees to learn, even just from the first panel.

Dallas Startup Week had something for everyone. The plan was to showcase DSW17 in such a way that anyone and everyone would feel welcome and know which events they wanted to learn from or attend throughout the week. Whether attendees wanted to start their own company, work at a startup, or invest in a startup, there was a place for everyone. There were numerous speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and even volunteers, and through that, everyone was able to learn and gain a piece of knowledge or experience from this week. From CEOs, to Founders, to Producers, and even Singers/Songwriters, Dallas Startup Week had a niche for everyone.

As Leah Frazier, one of the most successful women in Dallas in 2015, explained, “Attendees should look forward to learning about their practical, yet new and innovative concepts.” More than DSW17 being a fun event, it’s an environment that can help anyone succeed in the business world with their networking and events set up exactly for that purpose. Everyone at DSW17 is there to make an impact, whether through affecting the way people think or by helping others reach their goals, and accordingly, the amount of connections that people made this past week were innumerable. Led by local entrepreneurs, there is a sense of community when attending, and it’s one feeling that no one should miss out on.